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COLOR First – when we look at a Gemstone the most striking aspect of it is almost always COLOR. That’s why we named our company COLOR First.

Thousands of years ago, when our ancestors were out hunting or gathering, we’re almost certain that COLOR is what attracted them to certain stones on the ground or in riverbeds. They would have brought the colorful rocks or pebbles back to their caves to look at, play with, or adorn in simple forms.

Today, modern humans are still fascinated by gems. As our brains have become more sophisticated we look at COLOR, Size, Cut and Clarity and let all those factors ‘speak’ to us as we admire and appreciate Gems. Along the way we have also developed cutting techniques that transform what are sometimes unremarkable but rare pieces of earth into beautiful gems.

COLOR First is committed to educating our customers about Colored Gemstones, and the journey they take from Mine to Market. In this website you can learn more about the Gemstones that we work with, from lore to technical data with plenty of pictures of gems as well as mining locations.

We also publish Our Two Cents, a blog with interesting aspects of the Gem journey from rough to cut as well as our opinions on aspects of the gem trade.

Registered wholesale customers can now login and search our online inventory. If you don’t already have an account with us please click here so we can help you with your Colored Gemstone needs.

Enjoy the website – we hope you find the content useful. We appreciate your valuable time and business and welcome your feedback. Thank you!

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