Mission Statement

At COLOR First our passion is to transform sometimes unremarkable pieces of earth into Fine Colored Gems at prices that offer very good value. We do this with the highest ethical standards, at the cutting edge of industry practices.

We are committed to educating our customers about Colored Gemstones, and the journey they take from Mine to Market. We strive to provide you with unbiased information about Gems through this website, trade shows and presentations. This way we hope you become a knowledgeable resource and a reputable source for Colored Gems in your community.

COLOR First strongly believes in full disclosure of all treatments done to Gemstones. This is essential knowledge that must be passed on at every step of the chain, from mining to processing to manufacturing to the end consumer. That is the only way to maintain the confidence of the consumer, which is essential to our industry’s survival in the long run.

These principles have successfully guided us for decades in the gem trade. We value your business greatly and seek to continue to earn it by providing you with Fine Colored Gemstones at the best prices and with excellent customer service.

COLOR First…Passionate About COLOR!