Malaya Garnet

A Garnet with a colorful history....​


Malaya Garnet is the fine peachy-pink to peach-orange garnet from East Africa.

These gems have a colorful history. They were first discovered with Rhodolite Garnets in the Umba Valley, Tanzania.

Since they had a very different color to Rhodolite, dealers would throw them out of parcels and refer to them as ‘out of the family’ or of ‘ill-repute’.

Hence the name ‘Malaya’, which means prostitute in Swahili, East Africa’s primary language.

How the world changes – we bet those same dealers regret every stone they threw out!! Today, Malaya Garnets are a collector’s favorite, and hard to obtain in sizes above 3cts.

The Umba Valley is a treasure trove of gems. Many different varieties of Garnets are found there including Malaya, Tsavorite, Grossular, Red, Rhodolite and the rare Color Change Garnets.

Other gems found in the Umba Valley include Fancy Sapphires, Rubies, Chrome and Dravite Tourmalines, and Red, Pink, Peach, Yellow and Champagne Zircons.

Garnets are part of a large family of silicate minerals that have similar physical properties but vary in chemical composition.

Most gem Garnets are a mix of different species. In the case of Malaya it is Pyrope, Almandine and Spessartine, which is classified as Pyralspite.

Pure Garnet would be colorless; it is the trace elements that give garnets their colors.

For example, iron and chromium create reds and greens; chromium and vanadium create greens, and manganese creates pinks and oranges.

Garnet is the birthstone for January, celebrates the 2nd Anniversary and comes in almost all colors of the spectrum including the rare color-change material.

Lots of choice for January birthdays!

We have many more shapes and sizes available in Malaya Garnet – please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for in our online inventory.

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Garnet, Pyrope-Spessartite with Grossularite and/or Pyrope-Spessartite with Almandine


RI= 1.74-1.788 SR

SG = 3.75-4.05

Dispersion = 0.024-0.028


Highly suitable for use in jewelry



Important information

100% Natural garnet which is normally not treated in any way

see policy on Treatment Disclosure

Rare – especially in sizes above 3cts – only a few gems found every month






Calibrated sizes up to 5mm

All standard cuts and free sizes

Mining locations

Tanzania (Umba Valley, Tunduru, Mahenge) and Kenya (Taita-Taveta)