Citrine is the yellow gem that almost everyone is familiar with. The color of Citrine can range from a pale pastel yellow to a strong orangey-yellow.

Natural Citrine is quite rare; most of the stones on the market are heated from Amethyst to produce their yellow colors. Lemon Citrines are commonly irradiated and heated to produce their colors.

Citrine is a member of the Quartz family which also includes Amethyst and Rock Crystal. Given its abundance, Quartz has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. From Agate talismans, to Rock Crystal carvings to Amethyst rings – it has been a popular choice.

Citrines have long been confused with Topaz. However, both gems are November birthstones. Citrine also celebrates the 13th anniversary.

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Here is a link to the GIA’s Buyer’s Guide on Citrine:

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light yellow, pale yellow, medium yellow, orangey-yellow, orange




RI = 1.544 and 1.553 DR

SG = 2.66 (+/-0.01)

Dispersion = 0.013

Hardness = 7

suitable for use in jewelry


Usually irradiated and/or heated

see policy on Treatment Disclosure

Important information

An affordable Yellow Gem






Calibrated sizes up to 10mm

All standard cuts and free sizes

Mining locations

Brazil and many other localities worldwide