Not really from the moon but with a galactic blue-sheen!

Moonstone is a quite terrestrial gem that is mined right here on planet Earth!

It is part of the Feldspar family and is usually formed with alternating layers of Orthoclase and Albite.

As light falls on these layers it is scattered in a phenomenon known as ‘adularescence’. The glow seems to ‘float’ across the gem as you change viewing angles, making it that much more captivating.

There are several types of Moonstone available in the market. Some of the most prized gems include transparent and translucent ones with striking blue sheen and transparent gems with rainbow effect.

Notable sources for Moonstone include Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, India and Madagascar.

Moonstone is one of the birthstone’s for June.

We have many more shapes and sizes available in Moonstone – please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for in our online inventory.

Here is a link to GIA’s Buyer’s Guide on Moonstones:

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semi-transparent white

milky white

semi-transparent pale yellow

milky pale yellow

(all with a white to pale blue sheen (‘floating light’)


Feldspar-Orthoclase (sometimes Albite/Ooligoclase)


For Orthoclase:

RI = 1.518 – 1.526 DR

SG = 2.56 (+/-0.1)

Dispersion = 0.012

Hardness = 6-6.5

suitable for use in jewelry


 Usually none

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Important information

Semi-transparent moonstone gems with a blue sheen (‘floating light’) are the most highly prized in the market
Moonstone has cleavage and must be handled with care, especially during cutting and polishing






Calibrated sizes up to 8mm

All standard cuts and free sizes

Mining locations

Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma) and other localities