Goshenite (White Beryl)

An affordable natural alternative; named after Goshen, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts, USA

This colorless member of the Beryl family is also known as Goshenite. It is named after Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts where it was first described.

Interestingly, when the first eyeglasses were made in 13th century Italy they used either Beryl or Rock Crystal for lenses. Transparent glass still couldn’t be produced then.

White Beryl is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs Scale and can easily be used in all types of jewelry.

It is part of the Beryl family which comes in many colors – blue (Aquamarine), green (Emerald & Green Beryl), peach-pink (Morganite), yellow (Heliodor), colorless (White Beryl/Goshenite) and red (Bixbite from Utah).

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RI = 1.577 (+/-0.016) – 1.583 (+/-0.017)

SG = 2.72 (-0.05, +0.12)

Dispersion = 0.014

Hardness = 7.5-8

Highly suitable for use in jewelry


Colorless beryl is sometimes irradiated to yellow and other colors

See policy on Treatment Disclosure

Important information

White Beryl is also known as Goshenite and is from the same family of
gemstones as Emerald and Aquamarine
It is an inexpensive, natural alternative to use when a colorless stone is desired






Calibrated up to 6mm

All standard cuts and free sizes

Mining locations

Brazil, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Zambia and other localities worldwide