Purple Garnet

Open purple to pinkish-purple and reddish-purple colors…Yum!


Purple Garnets are from a 2015 discovery in Mozambique, East Africa. These are some of the most purple garnets ever seen. The best specimens have a color reminiscent of Purple Sapphire, Purple Spinel or Amethyst.

Only about 3% of the production from this area is facetable in this vivid purple color; the rest tends towards reddish tones. Still attractive colors, just not so purple.

Purple Garnets are rare in sizes above 3cts in open colors. They generally saturate in color as they get bigger, like most gem-quality Garnets.

Garnets are part of a large family of silicate minerals that have similar physical properties but vary in chemical composition.

The name ‘Garnet’ derives from the Latin word for seed, possibly associated with the fruit Pomegranate whose seed covers resemble some Garnets.

Pure Garnet would be colorless; it is the trace elements that give garnets their colors. For example, iron and chromium create reds and greens; chromium and vanadium create greens, and manganese creates pinks and oranges.

Garnet is the birthstone for January, celebrates the 2nd anniversary and comes in almost all colors of the spectrum including the rare color-change.

Lots of choice for January birthdays!

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Garnet, Pyrope-Almandite


RI = 1.76 (+/- 0.10) – usually

SG = 3.84 (+/- 0.10) – usually

Dispersion= 0.026

Note: Higher than Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) (0.017)


suitable for use in jewelry



Important information

100% Natural garnet which is not normally treated in any way

see policy on Treatment Disclosure

Rare above 3cts in open colors






Calibrated sizes up to 5mm
Standard and fancy checkerboard cuts 
and free sizes

Mining locations

Mozambique and Tanzania