Industry Associations

World Map in Gemstones

We are members of the AMERICAN GEM TRADE ASSOCIATION (AGTA), the authoritative source on Natural Colored Gemstones. For more information about AGTA please visit

COLOR first is listed with the JEWELERS BOARD OF TRADE (JBT). For more information about JBT please visit

We are members of POLYGON (i/d 92103) and have a wide selection of our gemstones listed on their trading platform. For more information about Polygon please visit

COLOR first is compliant with the USA PATRIOT ACT and has an Anti-Money Laundering Program in operation. For more information about the USA PATRIOT ACT please visit the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network website at

The INTERNATIONAL COLORED GEMSTONE ASSOCIATION (ICA) is a non-profit association which represents gemstone wholesalers, cutters and miners from 41 countries. For more information about ICA please visit