The open color peachy-pink gem
Originally found in Madagascar in 1910 and named after the financier and gem 
collector J.P. Morgan (of JP Morgan Chase fame)


Morganite is the peachy-pink gem that is named after avid gem collector J.P. Morgan, of JPMorgan Bank fame.

In the early twentieth century a treasure trove of gems was found in San Diego County, California. The gem rush that followed in the beautiful area near Pala led to the production of Tourmaline, Kunzite, Beryls and other gems. Tiffany & Co’s buyer George F. Kunz decided to name the new peachy-pink Beryl in honor of his largest customer J.P. Morgan.

Morganites are available from a light pastel color to a stronger peachy-pink color. The trace element Manganese is usually responsible for its color.

Significant sources of Morganite today are Madagascar, Brazil and Mozambique.

Morganites are part of the Beryl family which comes in many colors – blue (Aquamarine), green (Emerald & Green Beryl), peach-pink (Morganite), yellow (Heliodor), colorless (White Beryl/Goshenite) and red (Bixbite from Utah).

Morganite is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs Scale and can easily be used in all types of jewelry.

We have many more shapes and sizes available in Morganite – please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for in our online inventory.

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light pink, medium pink

light peach, medium peach

light peachy-pink, medium peachy-pink




RI = 1.577 (+/-0.016) – 1.583 (+/-0.017)

SG= 2.72 (-0.05, +0.12)

Dispersion = 0.014

Hardness = 7.5-8

Highly suitable for use in jewelry


Can be 100% Natural, untreated

Morganite is routinely heated to remove the brownish/peachy component to enhance the pink color

Morganite is also sometimes irradiated and heated to enhance the peach and/or pink colors

See policy on Treatment Disclosure

Important information

We prefer to work with  Natural, unheated material which has an attractive open
peach to peachy-pink color
The deepest pink to peach tones are generally the most desired and expensive gems
(beryl normally occurs in lighter tones)






Calibrated up to 6mm

All standard cuts and free sizes

Mining locations

Madagascar, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Afghanistan, USA (California, Maine) and other localities worldwide